Why Choose Coaching?

How is coaching different from therapy?

Often the things that plague our lives or stop us from moving forward are things from our past. Psychotherapy focuses on the past, and while that is important in the healing process, there is not a huge amount of focus on the future. I am and will always be a supporter and advocate for therapy, I've used a therapist. As a therapist their job is to lead you to the answer in self discovery. As a Coach with a degree in psychology, my continued education in different forms of treatment, I have an arsenal of techniques, but I am not bound by the same definitive lines that a therapist is. 

As a Coach my job is to help you through your past and get you living the life you WANT to show up for. Coaching isn't just you paying me to sit on my sofa once a week. You are an integral part of your healing and your future and I will hold you accountable. My goal is not for you to be a lifelong client, my goal is to help you heal and move on. I will be the support and teacher you need to finally see your worth and reach your true potential.